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We are a vibrant and welcoming Anglican church located at the heart of Guildford. Please do explore our website to find out about Sunday services and midweek activites.

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Glass Room, St Saviour's Church Centre
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None can remain unmoved by the plight of refugees currently displaced by conflict and persecution, not least related to the war in Syria. Here are some ways we encourage you to respond.
Have you ever thought how exciting and challenging it would be to help out (and if you wish, have the opportunity to evangelise) in a holiday club in Romania – one of Europe's poorest countries?
We have a team of men and women who have been trained at St Saviour's to mentor other members of the church family. Each pair meets monthly to work together to grow in their faith and encourage each other.
"Arrived safely after 2 days of travel but now the first week is done! Having a really good time getting to know my team and the other members on the 6 month team .......
Exploring a Christian Vision for Living - resonating with the recent survey into our existing diocesan mission strategy Common Purpose with its themes of growth and abundance: ...
Do come to the Ascension Day Service at 8.00pm at St. Mary's Quarry Street this Thursday, 5th May.
This will start at 10.00pm on Thursday 12th May (after Kingdom Come) ......
We believe that prayer works so we have introduced a prayer zone (at the back of church, next to the Tower Room) which we would love as many people as possible to make use of. This zone has four components:...
The Servant Queen is jointly published by HOPE, LICC and The Bible Society - a book focusing on the Queen's Christian faith.




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